First 100 Days: Mike Hopkins (UW)

One of my favorite kinds of coaching articles is when an author does a “day in the life” with a recently-hired coach. These pieces always give you a great look at the different ways people go about building their programs and implementing their core values. I loved the article below on new Washington coach Mike Hopkins who arrived in Seattle after 22 years as an assistant at Syracuse (his alma mater).

Hopkins spent some of the previous two hours countering negative recruiting, he says, explaining to players and their parents his plans for the Washington program, the way he plans to build. He hears what other coaches tell recruits. That the Huskies are in turmoil. That Porter left. He tells parents about the players who committed to return and the opportunities available.

This is his top priority, he says, solidifying his first team for his first season as a head coach. That starts with his current players and his future players. Everything else that lands on his calendar must fit around his two most pressing concerns. Players, he says, spell love T-I-M-E. That’s what he plans to give them—time.


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