Coaching’s Generation Y2K

This article sat in my twitter favorites unread for a couple of weeks because the tagline “In the early 2000s, a wave of new technology cracked the door open for the newest generation of NFL coaching stars” didn’t scream must-read to me, but this piece ended up being one of my favorite articles I’ve read lately. Klemko tells the story of how the emergence of new technology shortly after Y2K allowed several young coaches to get their foot in the NFL. I loved the quote from Bruce Arians on how technological know-how is only one step in the process. Andy Reid’s line about being unexpendable needs to be read by any young person looking to get in the coaching industry.

“Gruden would be at work at 4:30 a.m.,” says Bill Muir, Tampa’s offensive coordinator from 2002-08. “He requires a guy basically at his fingertips 24 hours a day. Sean was in essence the offensive QC, but more importantly he was John’s personal assistant. Everything that came out of Jon’s mind or mouth, Sean drew it up and put it on the computer. His office was right outside of his door. “These guys come in and you see their expertise with computers and they become more inclusive in your planning. In previous years the quality control coaches were in another room when you made the gameplan, doing things that weren’t necessarily innovative. Now, I want these guys close to me because as things pop up in my mind, I want this information now. Sean, in a short period of time, got a doctorate degree in offensive football, especially as it related to the passing game, and the unique perspective Jon brought to the game.”


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