The NBA’s Culture Clash

Good analysis of the two most unique cultures – San Antonio’s “Pound the Rock” & Golden State’s “Competition + Joy” in the NBA from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton. There are a ton of good culture/organization notes in here. I really liked the Warriors’ values being reflected in their practice gym artwork, how your best players determine your culture, Kerr’s quote about a culture being based on personalities and human qualities (rather than a philosophy), and Arnovitz’ last paragraph about the need to constantly be “creating culture.”

“Cultures are really built based on personalities and human qualities,” Kerr says. “You can’t base a culture on philosophy, you know? If I came in and said, ‘We’re going to do everything just like San Antonio,’ the players would’ve sensed that that was phony because that’s not really who I am. I’m much more open. I’m much more inclusive. I don’t mind the media kind of knowing what we’re doing. It’s great for our fans. I think our players enjoy it. If our players didn’t enjoy it, then I would adapt, and I would be much more protective of them. But we do what works for us.”


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