The Deconstruction of James Harden

Good article linked below that was published in March as James Harden’s fantastic 2016-17 regular season campaign wound down. The article is split into two parts with the first half covering Harden’s conclusion that he needed to simplify his life and take a long, hard look at his priorities. This epiphany came on the heels of a disastrous 2015-16 season that saw his coach fired, his public persona be attacked and the Rockets slip 15 games in the standings. The second part of the article focuses on Harden’s improved play as a result of the offseason decision and how he has fit perfectly into D’Antoni’s “Pace & Space” attack.

“Clint sets the high screen, so I know the guy guarding me is gone,” Harden begins. “I’ve got a big in front of me, one-on-one, and I’ve got my head up trying to figure out who is going to come open. My first read is Clint for the lob. My second read, if one of their defenders sucks in, is the corner man for three. My third read, if no one leaves a shooter, is to go all the way for the layup. But if somebody rotates over, I’ll swing it, and try to get the three that way. It’s all decided in a split second, but it’s never predetermined. It seems fast, but when it’s happening, it’s so slow in my head.”


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