Pitino Versus the Packline

How does one of the game’s greatest coaches look to attack one of Tony Bennett’s defenses? Really good job by Eric Crawford, Louisville’s beat writer, to get Pitino’s thoughts as he prepared to take on UVA’s “Packline D.” The article offers insight how Pitino watches film and specific ways to attack Virginia. Look beneath the article for a video showing specific ways to attack the Packline (note that the attack wasn’t all that successful as Louisville managed just 0.90 points per possession in the game).

“I think we have played them wrong,” Pitino said. “In certain sets, we’re trying to run our sets and figure out, OK they’re going to take away A, B, let’s go to C, D option, and really when you play Virginia, it’s a matter of creating ball movement, creating player movement, and making shots. It’s not about an offense you’re going to run. It’s going to come down to individual players, breaking them down and making shots, off the pass. It’s not about an offensive set.”


One way teams consistently try to attack UVA’s hard-hedging is to look to throw the “Gator Pass.”

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