Jay Wright: “Be Josh Hart”

In one of my favorite coaching articles I’ve read lately, Philly.com’s Bob Brookover tells you of a conversation between Villanova head coach Jay Wright and Josh Hart in the summer before Hart’s senior season. After winning the National Championship as a junior, Hart elected to explore NBA opportunities by going through the pre-draft process. Hart ultimately chose to return to Villanova for his senior year and told Wright of the advice he had received from various NBA personnel. I love Wright’s response here and think it sheds light on why Wright’s teams play with so much confidence and why so many of his players have college careers that they couldn’t have even dreamed of when they enrolled at Nova.

“All I’ve got to do is hit threes and play defense and I’ll play in the NBA,” Hart answered. Wright’s forceful and unfriendly reply: “I told him that sounded like some bull an agent told him, someone looking to make money off him. I don’t want you coming out of here just hitting threes and playing defense. I kicked him out of my office. I was sure it was the last thing the kid wanted to hear.”


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