“Is he the team’s hardest-working player?”

Shortly before the NFL Draft in April, The Ringer posted a fantastic piece written by Michael Lombardi on identifying the right player at football’s most important position. Lombardi outlines seven rules you must follow to identify the quarterback your team needs. With college coaches ready to hit the road recruiting a week from today, there are several parallels from Lombardi’s list that could be applied for evaluation across all sports. For more on Lombardi, check out this post.

Seven Rules for Drafting the Right Quarterback
Trait 1: Winning Pedigree
Trait 2: Thickest Skin
Trait 3: Blood, Sweat, and Tears
Trait 4: High Football IQ
Trait 5: The Crib Factor (Was he born to be a QB?)
Trait 6: Body Language
Trait 7: The Charm Factor (Do his teammates love him? What do his teammates say about him, off the record?


You can find my notes on the article HERE.

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