Buzz Williams Podcast

Terrific stuff here from Virginia Tech head coach Buzz Williams on the Dynamic Leadership Podcast produced by Athletic Director U and hosted by Bob Walsh. Williams joins Walsh for a terrific discussion on why his teams are so tough, what he looks for in recruiting, alignment within an athletic department, and the development of the culture at Virginia Tech over Buzz’s first three years. For my notes on the podcast, click here.

01:30 – The foundation of anything has to be based on love

3:00 – Virginia Tech’s recruiting process

10:00 – The question of sustainability

12:00 – Jae Crowder, Jimmy Butler, Vander Blue, etc – Is it recruiting or the culture?

15:30 – Our program is not for everybody

17:30 – A leader is defined by who he hires

20:15 – Buzz’s game-day tradition of inviting a local coach to breakfast on the road

21:15 – Why his relationship with his athletic director is so important


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