Building Pride In Your Organization

Linked below is a good article from Fast Company on a study conducted by Facebook to determine what drives employee engagement within their company. Like the article says, the long-held belief in the corporate world was that the two things that powered an employee’s level of engagement were having a close friend in their office and autonomy within their work. While those two factors ranked high, the single most important factor in engagement proved to be pride in the company (look below for the 3 key components that predict pride). There are a ton of takeaways for the head coaches reading this both for managing a roster and a staff.

1. Optimism: How much do people believe in the company’s future?
2. Mission: How much do people care about the company’s vision and goals?
3. Social good: How confident are people that the company is making the world a better place?


For more on Zuckerberg:
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