Boise State’s “Summer of Sweat”

Good article linked below on the work that Boise State is putting in this offseason. Headed by head coach Leon Rice and associate head coach Phil Beckner, the Broncos’ skill development is regarded as one of the best in the country. There are some great quotes in here from Rice from Boise being a development program rather than a recruiting program to his line about players being “selfish” in the summer. If you don’t already, I suggest giving Beckner a follow on Twitter.

“I think it’s huge,” associate coach Phil Beckner said of summer workouts. “Everyone says the summer is where players are made. Guys can change their careers. It’s probably the most vital time for a basketball team. For individuals to improve, the summer is the time to improve the most.”


For video of Beckner’s ball-handling warmup with Damian Lillard (LINK)

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