Best Recent Podcasts

With college coaches hitting the road recruiting today for the final “live” period, I figured it would be a good time to link to some of my favorite podcast episodes I’ve listened to recently.

Chris Beard’s appearance on Breakthrough Basketball hosted by Jim Huber Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Great stuff in here from Beard on what he learned from Bob Knight, shot selection, turnovers and the importance of his relationship with his players.

Jerry Stackhouse’s appearance on The Lowe Post hosted by Zach Lowe Link / iTunes Mobile Link
All of Lowe’s pods is good and this one with Stackhouse, fresh off winning the D-League title with the 905 Raptors, was his best one of late. Great stuff in here on Stackhouse’s playing days, what shaped his philosophy, and 905’s defensive scheme.

Doug Lemov’s appearance on The Talent Equation Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Since 2005, Doug Lemov has documented the actions of effective teachers. His transformative work has established a set of techniques and a shared vocabulary for educators across the globe. I read his book “Teach Like a Champion” back in 2010 and it greatly shaped the way I coach. Lemov also founded Uncommon Schools, a network of 45 charter schools throughout the Northeast. In the podcast, Lemov explains how coaches could adopt some of the classroom techniques used by Uncommon Schools’ teachers.

Naval Ravikant’s appearance on The Knowledge Project hosted by Shane Parrish Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Shane Parrish’s website Farnam Street is the non-sports website I learn from most and Parrish’s podcasts are no different (I just wish he did them more often). The episode with Ravikant is my favorite one so far – great stuff on reading, habits and decision-making. A heads up: it is very long (just about 2 hours).

Gordon Hayward’s appearance on The Woj Pod Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Woj interviews Gordon Hayward on the process that led him to signing with the Boston Celtics. As an NBA geek, I thought this episode was really cool. There are certainly things that college coaches can take away from the NBA teams’ recruiting pitches to Hayward. While on the subject of Woj podcasts, I can’t believe I forgot to recommend his episode with Monty Williams from 2 weeks ago (thank you to Aaron Roussell for the reminder).

Jon Gordon’s appearance on Finding Mastery hosted by Michael Gervais Link / iTunes Mobile Link
While I am a huge fan of Jon Gordon’s Energy Bus, I have tired a bit of Gordon lately. This podcast, however, is terrific as it applies directly to coaching in regards to leadership and relationships with players. He uses examples from prominent coaches like Dabo Swinney, Buzz Williams, Dave Roberts, and Pat Riley.

Sefu Bernard’s appearance on Hardwood Hustle Link / iTunes Mobile Link
Sefu is a mentor of mine and is one of my favorite follows on Twitter. The linked episode is the second in a 2-part series. Sefu brings such a unique perspective to coaching due to his array of experiences in the game (coached in America/Canada/Asia, coached pro/college, coached men/women, coached in the NBA/NHL). This episode is probably more geared to the high school coaches reading this than the college ones, but regardless Bernard offers up some gems.

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