The NBA’s Most Demoralizing Player

Really good piece by ESPN’s Zach Lowe on Cleveland Cavaliers forward Tristan Thompson. Great stuff in here on how Thompson embraced his role all the way to $82 million, his competitiveness, the tool his offensive rebounds take on opposing teams and him attending the 2013 NBA Finals to experience a championship environment. This is definitely a good article to share with your players. I passed it along to a couple of our guys with the question highlighting the quotes about Thompson being the most demoralizing player in the league. I asked them, “How can you play in a way that opponents say that about you? What kind of plays inspire someone to say that?”

Atlanta’s big men so feared Thompson’s offensive rebounding, they became hesitant to leave him and contain drives. The guards, hung out to dry, snapped at the bigs. The bigs snapped back that they needed more rebounding help. “He just becomes this problem,” Korver said. “Everyone is suddenly yelling at everyone else. You get a stop against LeBron, and he gets another rebound. It’s so frustrating. It sucks all the wind out of you.”


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