“The Most Important Shot in the NBA”

Good read from ESPN’s Kevin Pelton on the role the pull-up 3 has in today’s NBA. Long considered a bad shot (and seemingly still a poor one at lower levels), the pull-up 3, Pelton argues, has changed the NBA ecosystem of how shots are generated. Good stuff in here on the chess match between the offensive player capable of making pull-up 3’s at a decent clip and the defense set to contain him in the pick & roll game.

Then you start running out there at him and he gets in the paint and finishes,” Green added. “You’re kind of at his mercy when he’s coming down like that. That’s why that shot has become a common thing over the last few years — because he can make it with consistency. As soon as guys start to run out there at him, he’s going by them and getting to the rim and creating for other guys.”


For more on pull-up 3’s:
-Video of Steph’s four made pull-up 3’s last night – Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals (LINK)
-Why Stephen Curry’s pull-up 3 has taken over the NBA (LINK)

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