The Defensive Genius of Draymond Green

Two really good articles on the defensive ability of Golden State’s Draymond Green. Green is a defensive savant in his ability to remember specific tendencies of an opponent and react in a split-second. In last week’s video on Golden State’s switching concepts, I suggested that many of the concepts would be difficult to pull off without the presence of Draymond Green. The quotes I highlighted from each article below I think really speak to Draymond’s amazing ability to see the game a second or two before everyone else does, a product of Green’s film study and Green’s overall basketball IQ. Credit must also go to Ron Adams and Steve Kerr for not only nurturing Green’s defensive prowess, but also for unleashing it and giving him the freedom to act on instinct.

“He’s just innately a focused, aggressive player who really, I think, sees the pictures of the game earlier than most,” Adams said. “And that allows him defensively to be an actor rather than a reactor to situations.”

To Ron Adams, Draymond Green is the defensive equivalent of Steph Curry’s magic

Part of that is just knowing what they want to do and try to beat them to the punch. I’d always rather be a step ahead and have to cover up for being a step ahead than covering up for being a step slow. Because if you’re a step slow, it’s probably going to result into a foul.

A deep dive Q & A with the NBA’s best defender

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