Letter to the Undrafted

After going undrafted out of Georgia Tech in 2008, Anthony Morrow has carved out a nine-year career in the NBA. In this article published last year by The Players’ Tribune, Anthony Morrow writes a letter to the players that went undrafted offering advice, encouragement, and things he wishes he had known. This is great stuff to pass along to your players about perseverance and being a role player. Be sure to check out Justin Forsett’s tweet below as well.

Finally, my most important piece of advice to you is to keep that passion you have for basketball. Yes, this is your job now, but try not to make it feel like work. You’ll have plenty of coaches give you instructions on how to change your game. You’re going to feel more pressure to perform at a high level than ever before. And there are going to be times when you’re scared that it might be all over for you. But just remember: This is what you love to do. Let all the nonsense stay on the bench. When you’re on the floor, play with joy. If you grew up celebrating after every dunk, then celebrate after every dunk. There are a lot of things related to your job that are completely out of your hands. But your feelings toward the game of basketball are completely within your control. As long as you have that spark, you can still make it.


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