Best Sets: NBA Playoffs

Good stuff below on the best X’s and O’s of the NBA Playoffs.

2017 NBA Playoffs – Best Sets (from @HalfCourtHoops)

I love the post feed action the Warriors ran to get Mo Speights an open jumper (0:34). I bet some teams at the high school/college level will be putting in Boston’s “STS” action at 0:56. Washington’s “Angle Short” is a good example of why a team “shorting” pick & rolls is such a tough cover for defenses (3:30). Cleveland’s “Elbow Mavs” at 5:13 is a nice screen-the-screener action. There’s a minute-long stretch of “Spain” action starting at 9:15 with clips from the Jazz, Wizards, Rockets and Clippers. Brad Stevens-coached teams have been scoring off “Weave Elbow Rip” since his days at Butler.

Crunch Time Offense – 2017 NBA Playoffs (from @John_Zall)

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