Tyronn Lue on Role Allocation (Repost)

So often when we talk about “role allocation” in coaching, we focus on getting complementary players to buy into a supporting role. I once heard Jeff Van Gundy say that just as important is getting your star players to understand (and to accept) their role within the team structure as well. It seems like Tyronn Lue has handled both ends of role allocation tremendously since taking over for Dave Blatt in January. The three articles linked below detail how exactly Lue has been so successful in “fixing” a Cavaliers roster that was “fractured” when Blatt was fired (according to a source close to the team).

Lue has relegated Timofey Mosgox, the second-best Cav in last year’s Final, and Mo Williams, a former all-star, to the bench with honesty.

Lue has restored order within the Cavaliers locker room by reminding LeBron he is the star player, but not the coach.

Lue has empowered Kevin Love with confidence by reminding him he’s a “m—–f—–” while making sure he understood that the team needed more out of him.

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