Sean Payton on Building a Foundation

I thought that the MMQB report from the New Orleans Saints training camp was a great read for coaches of any sport. Saints head coach Sean Payton offers some really good insight on several topics including what a coach should focus on, the emphasis the Saints have placed on character and toughness, on a coach needing to read his team, and why the Saints culture eroded (loved point #1 in “Five Things I Thought”).

“If we went back to 2006, Sean got here that first year, it was really about establishing that foundation. ‘Here’s how we do things, and this is what we’re teaching, this is what the expectation level is,’ he told me. “Those first four years, from [2006] to ’09, you were building that. And that carried us for a while, because a lot of the leaders on our team, the guys that were playing key roles for us, had been part of that building of the foundation. After ’13, a lot of those guys were gone, most of them, almost all of them. So I think we took for granted [that] when we began to talk about something, guys knew what we were talking about. And they didn’t. … You don’t want to call it a rebuild, I don’t like the term rebuild. But you do have to reestablish the foundation. So, O.K., for those who weren’t here from ’06-09, this is what we did, this is how we built it, this was the expectation level, and this is what’s required of you as a New Orleans Saint. We had to communicate that all over again. So now, I feel like we’re in that period where that foundation is built. Now, we can grow.”


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