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Linked below is a podcast on the Warriors defensive guru Rob Mahoney. I’ve really enjoyed “Breakaway,” the newest NBA podcast launched by Sports Illustrated hosted by Rob Mahoney. “Breakaway” is a podcast about how the NBA works with each episode exploring a different aspect of the league. One episode explores the meaning of a “system” by looking at Mike D’Antoni’s pick & roll basketball (LINK) that has achieved great success in Phoenix and Houston, but didn’t exactly work in Houston and Los Angeles. Other episodes have focused on dealing with injuries (through the prism of Julius Randle) or the role of a veteran (focusing on Jason Terry). However, my favorite episode is Rob’s piece on Golden State Warriors assistant coach Ron Adams. Mahoney discusses not only Adams’ role designing the Golden State’s defense, but also how he mentors the younger coaches on the Warriors staff and his work in player development. My favorite part of the podcast however is Adams reiterating a point that you hear often from some great coaches: “Technique Over Scheme.” Coaching friends of mine that had gone to watch Indiana practice and were amazed at how much more time Bob Knight spent working on the footwork of a player’s catch than he did on IU’s famed motion offense. I’ve heard similar refrain from some of football’s great offensive minds – despite the important role of schematics, it’s the teaching of the fundamentals that makes the difference.

“If you’re a teacher of movement, it’s the really small things that contribute to success. Everyone does not look at it that way anymore, it’s more of a general way of looking at movement. Others though are quite precise. I could watch the game film with you last night and I could say every critical juncture of that game where we frittered away the lead – and we built leads – were all fundamental rather than schematically based.”


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