Archie: “Identity 1st, Culture 2nd”

Linked below is an article on Archie Miller’s reboot at IU and t’s one of the best articles I’ve read in a while. There’s great insight on Archie’s first 100 days at Indiana including why he hasn’t watched any tape from last year, the difference between culture and identity, and the challenge of instilling a defense-first mindset.

“The big thing is to create the first identity opportunity,” Miller said. “Not culture.” I stopped Miller there. Coaches love talking about culture – it might be the most popular buzzword in the profession today. What’s with the avoidance? “I think culture is earned,” he said. “You don’t start talking about culture four weeks down the road. Our culture at Dayton was built over the course of hard wins and hard losses, overcoming adversity. Culture is resiliency, not ever bending away from what you want to be about. But identity is different – we can start to implement identity right away, every day. Culture is five or six years down the road – whatever they say about Indiana at that point, we’ve earned. But we don’t have one yet.”


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