Golden State’s Switching Concepts

The Golden State Warriors boasted the league’s second-best Defensive Rating (finishing just 0.2 points behind the San Antonio Spurs). Much of the Warriors’ defensive prowess came from their ability to switch. Everyone in their playoff rotation (besides two-time MVP Stephen Curry) is long-limbed and possess above average size for his position. That size across the board allows gives them the ability to switch most, and even sometimes all, screens. However, it’s not as simple as Steve Kerr/Mike Brown saying, “Switch Everything.” There are many complex defensive schemes utilized by the Warriors to compensate for the size mismatches that come as a result of switching. All the individual edits are linked below, but for a master video of all 5 edits combined CLICK HERE.

Triple Switch

Emergency Post Switch – “Scram Switch”

Ice to Switch

Automatic Switch on Wide Pin Down Curl

Late Clock Switch Out

Veer Backs (High Pick & Roll Switch)

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