Chris Ballard’s Plan to Build the Colts

As an avid football fan, I had heard really good things about Chris Ballard from his time when he was an executive with the Kansas City Chiefs so I was excited to follow his rebuild of the Colts after he was named General Manager in late January. Linked below are 3 articles (+ a podcast) on Ballard’s internal process with the Colts since taking over. My notes from the three articles are embedded beneath the links.

Chris Ballard’s guiding principles to success (LINK)

How Chris Ballard plans on building the Colts (LINK)

Ballard will deal with the daggers that come his way (LINK)

Colts GM Ballard learning from Theo Epstein’s example (LINK)

MMQB Podcast – Ballard’s part begins at the 19-minute mark (LINK)

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