“Taking the Pick Out of the Pick & Roll”

Linked below is a terrific article detailing the unique way Mike D’Antoni teaches his bigs to screen in the pick & roll. For decades, players were taught to deliver a hard screen to the defender’s body. D’Antoni introduced a brand-new philosophy when he took over as Phoenix Suns head coach and ignited his “7 Seconds or Less” attack. Linked below are two examples of the strategy in action (the top one being Clint Capela turning to dive hard to the rim with the bottom one being Anderson cutting off his screen early to pop for an open 3-pointer). I appreciate Stephen Gentry for sharing this article.

“The reason you set a pick is to get the point guard or whoever has the ball an advantage,” D’Antoni said. “Defenses are being taught now that when you see the pick and it’s being called out, you jump to the position. That gives the offense an advantage. The big helps. Just go. You get a two-step head start. You don’t get tangled up with people. You just go.”


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