“It’s All About the Team”

I’m almost remiss at times to post articles on the Spurs just because their story has been so well-told over the years, but I thought the piece below did a good job really examining the legacy of leadership that has been passed on from David Robinson all the way to Kawhi Leonard through Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker (among others). Following Tim Duncan’s retirement, the Spurs went 61-21 – notching 50+ victories for the EIGHTEENTH STRAIGHT SEASON.

“It’s all about the team, the franchise,” Parker said. “It started with George Gervin and 5-0 [Robinson’s jersey number]. I played two years with 5-0. So I had a great example to follow. Then we got Timmy, then Manu. Now we’re trying to show some of those same things to all the young guys coming up. With Kawhi and LaMarcus coming in, it’s my job with Manu to show them all about how the Spurs’ mentality is.”


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