Ball Screen D: “Veer-Backs”

Embedded below is a video I put together exploring the NBA defensive concept of “Veer-Backs.” Through the first 5 days of the playoffs, you’re seeing a ton of these teams executing veer-backs on a lot of middle pick & rolls.

For more on veer-backs, check out the 2 sets of notes below that both mention the concept:
-Ron Adams clinic notes (LINK)
-Brad Stevens clinic notes (LINK)

For more on pick & roll D:
-Pick & Roll D: Rearview Contest (LINK)
-Pick & Roll D: High Hands (LINK)
-Quin Snyder clinic notes (LINK)
-Pick & Roll D: George Hill, Marcus Smart, & Chris Paul (LINK)
-Steve Clifford Coaching U Notes (LINK)
-Stan Van Gundy Clinic Notes on Defending the High Pick & Roll (LINK)

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