Thoughts From Roy Williams (Repost)

Some thoughts from North Carolina Head Coach Roy Williams:

-Play 94 feet of offense

-I have two families. The first is my wife, my son, and my daughter, all of whom are my heroes now. And every day I think about my family. And every day I also have thirteen to fifteen youngsters who are not living at home, and they are my family, too.

-Make a commitment to run every single time.

-Going into the 2005 national championship game against the #1 ranked Illinois’ high-octane offense, North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams realized that there would be a point when Illinois would get on a roll. He knew that his composure during this run might be a critical factor in the game and told himself, “Illinois is too good of a team not to make a run – I’ve got to be the calmest person in the crowd when they do.”

-In every close game, someone is going to give in.

-Coaching is all about adjustments. Your game plan is only good for the first six minutes – the rest is all about adjustments.

-Point Guard’s job is to go as fast as he can from top of the key to top of the key.

-The night before the 2005 National Championship game, the last thing Williams told his team was, “Go to bed and think about who the first person you will hug tomorrow after we win.”

-I tell every prospect I recruit that I’m going to try to outwork every other coach… I like to ask prospects, “Who is recruiting you the hardest?” If they don’t say me, I’m mad and I’ll go back to my staff and tell them we’ve got to do more.

-First goal when he made the transition from Kansas to Carolina was to establish a sense of trust with the UNC players. “You’ve got to get your players to believe in you.”

-Will stop a scrimmage after a player takes a questionable shot. “How many of you agree with that shot your teammate Gerald took right there?”

-By switching a match-up, even if it creates an obvious mismatch, can disrupt the flow of the opponent (they’ll distort their offensive approach in order to attack the mismatch).

-Prior to the 2003 Final Four, Williams kept Dwyane Wade out of the personnel edit and never referred to him by his name (only calling him “Number 3”).

-Had his players sign a pledge at the start of the year to box-out every possession.

-After Georgetown made a run to cut into Carolina’s lead in 2007 Elite Eight and the UNC players visibly nervous, “Guys, guys—did you expect this to be easy??”

-Showing confidence in his 2008-09 team was so important because of the lofty expectations placed on them before this season. He didn’t want panic to be an option so he never wanted to show the slightest crack in his confidence.

-On recruiting: find the janitor, the lunch lady…see what they say about the kid/

-Practice after a tough loss: “get better, not even.”

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