Geno on What Makes a Husky

Terrific article on what Geno Auriemma looks for in recruiting. With the ability to select from the nation’s most talented players, it’s interesting to read what character traits UConn’s staff highlight during the recruiting process. I really liked his thoughts on the role pressure plays in their program, how a standard has developed within the program, and the questions he asks (and is asked) during the recruiting process.

He said he can tell if a recruit will be a good fit by the way she answers his questions and by what type of questions she asks him. “The majority of the kids we get, they talk about winning championships,” he said. “Whenever a kid says to me, ‘What position am I going to play?’ or, “What’s my role going to be on the team?’ I go, ‘Well, you’re probably not going to have one, because you’re probably not coming to Connecticut.'”


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