Frank Martin Primer

Linked below are some of my favorite articles on South Carolina head coach Frank Martin.

Yahoo Sports: How Frank Martin and his sideline fury turned South Carolina into a winner
“When he’s in between the lines, yeah, he is intense, and he’s sending a message, and he’s setting the tone,” Kent says. “But he’s so good about sitting you down — he’s such a good communicator — and telling you what he’s trying to get across. He’s just so balanced and smart with that way of going back and forth.”

USA Today: Frank Martin credits his mom as part of drive to top
“See I’ve got four core values I live my life by and I run my teams by and I run my family with: Honesty, loyalty, trust and love. And the only way you get to love is if you experience the other three. When you get to love, that gets strong. I don’t care what storm comes through, you’re not breaking love. But if you get to love without the other three, you let that thing go right away. So, you’ve got to go through the first three and that’s the only way you get to love. And that’s what I live by, I run my family by that, and I try to coach our guys that way. To get them to that place in life.”

Doug Gottlieb Show: Frank Martin talks Final Four
“We tweak what we do. We don’t scheme defensively. We tweak our ball screen coverage and our low-post coverage. If I were to walk in and start telling our guys we’re preparing a little differently or we’re playing a little differently than what we’ve done all year, they’d walk out of practice.”

NBC Sports: Like his career, Frank Martin has built South Carolina from the ground up
“When we beat Duke, Frank said ‘Why not us?’” Figgers said, a motto that had become something of a rallying cry for the Gamecocks during the East Regional. “That’s the first time we really talked about [winning a title].”

Wichita Eagle: Frank Marti had a model in rebuilding South Carolina: Bill Snyder
“I asked him to reminisce on how he got through the first couple of years at K-State where they didn’t win a lot of games,” Martin said. “And coach walked me through it, really helped me understand a lot of his visions, how he did it. Didn’t mean I did it the same way. But it helped stimulate my mind to figure out how I wanted to do it and more than anything give me the patience that you have to have whenever you’re going through a complete rebuild, which is what we’re doing here, and obviously what coach had to do at Kansas State.”

New York Post: Frank Martin’s pitch to Sindarius Thornwell
At the time, Martin was just getting started at South Carolina, and the basketball program had little success. He needed an in-state prospect like Thornwell, a top 50 four-star recruit to energize the fan base and attract other players. At the time Jadeveon Clowney and Marcus Lattimore were football players here,” Martin recalled. “And I sold him on, ‘You can be them for our basketball program.”

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