Texas Tech’s Chris Beard on “The Process”

Linked below is a terrific article posted on SI.com shortly after Chris Beard was hired at Texas Tech after a two-week stint at UNLV. Good stuff from Beard on “the process,” the importance of truth-telling in his program, what seniors mean to a team, and why he expects success.

Every day we are trying to challenge our guys. I remember as a young coach working for someone I really respected, but his view of motivation was that you only have so many bullets and you can’t shoot one every day. He felt you could only shoot one every few days, and I respectfully disagree with that. I want to shoot a bullet every day. I want to try to give our guys something every day. I don’t think it ever gets old as long as you’re bringing real material and you’re being sincere in trying to help your players. I don’t think you can ever do too much.


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