Pick & Roll Potpourri

Some ball screen stuff I’ve seen lately that’s caught my eye:

Roll-man catch & kick: defense collapses on screener’s catch. Big kicks for open 3.

Fake Pop Into Roll (Charlie Villanueva)

Loved this Steve Nash concept Jon Giesbrecht picked up

Monta Ellis’ fake pocket pass into stretch layup

Quin Snyder’s misdirection step-up (Utah Jazz)

Charlotte Hornets “Floppy High Shake” action

“Ewing” (slip on a low-angle pick & roll)

For more on the pick & roll:
-Indiana’s ball screen flow entries (LINK)
-Slide concept (LINK)
-Charlotte Hornets’ “Angle Short” (LINK)
-Argentina’s pick & roll actions (LINK)
-Australia’s “Flip Angle” (LINK)

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