Joseph (With Izzo’s Help) Steadies GW

I thought the article linked below on George Washington interim head coach Maurice Joseph was fantastic. I love the story of Joseph flying to East Lansing to pick up his former coach’s brain on his first off day as a head coach. There are some terrific coaching points in here on Izzo’s advice to Joseph, how Joseph handled an awkward situation with his former boss’ dismissal, music during practice and more.

“He said, ‘Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care,’ ” Joseph told USA TODAY Sports. “He’s a guy who gets on guys, but they truly, fully understand where his heart is and that he cares for them, and that’s why he can get on them the way he does. And I really believe that myself. I think players have really good — excuse my language — bull- – – – radars, and they really understand. They can tell when you’re not genuine and when you’re being fake with them. I think that if you are a genuine person, you do have their best interests at heart, you do want them to achieve academically and achieve on the court, and be the best you can be, they play harder for you, they care more about what we’re trying to accomplish, they buy in a little easier. I think that’s what has happened here.”


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