Mark Richt on Discipline

Really good article on new Miami coach Mark Richt by USA Today’s Dan Wolken’s USA Today article in the wake of Art Briles’ firing at Baylor. While at Georgia, Richt imposed as strict of a discipline system as any high major program in the country. I enjoyed Richt’s thoughts on discipline and the lifetime goals he has for each of his players.

“If I love my guys, I’m going to try to help discipline them and train them to do this, this, this and this so when you leave here you’ll be successful in life. If you don’t want to do that, you don’t need to be a part of this team. But I’m telling you, if you do these things, it will help you be a great player, it will help you be a great person, it will help you get your degree. Everything I do is for your benefit to bless your life, your wife, your kids and your grandkids, so just understand that first of all.”


The great thing about these players is that they’ve really bought into everything that coach Richt has brought to the program,” Diaz said. “They’ve really been on-board. It’s been very cool.

“Coach Richt has brought a level of accountability. It gets oversimplified that every problem (connected to any coaching change) was the old coaches’ faults. The accountability also shifts to them (the players) — ‘Prove why you’re at Miami.’ “

Another good article on Richt here (LINK)

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