Dabo-Isms: An Ideology

For the second consecutive year, Dabo Swinney has his Clemson Tigers playing for the National Championship (coincidentally against Nick Saban and Alabama again). Dabo’s approach is perhaps a bit hokey and corny, but it has obviously been quite successful in turning the Tigers into a national power. Part of Dabo’s lore has been his use of colloquial phrases he’s always using with players. My favorites are listed below and Yahoo did a neat video asking Clemson players which Dabo-ism was their favorite (LINK). Beneath the Dabo-isms are some of my favorite articles detailing his approach.

-BYOG Game : Bring Your Own Guts Game

-Bloom where you’re planted

-Be All In

-It’s not about W-H-O we play. It’s about H-O-W we play. It’s about Clemson.

-We work too hard to be miserable

-Champions are made when the stands are empty

-Average as grits

-There’s no elevator to success. You gotta take the stairs.

-This ain’t no beauty pageant. It’s about finding a way to win.

-Until we win a couple of national championships, we will always be little old Clemson. We need to stick a flag in that mountain

-He’s a five-star recruit but a ten-star person

-It’s only unthinkable if you don’t think it

-We’re just the rednecks that moved into the nice neighborhood

-Do what I can, while I can, so that when I cannot, I will not wish that I would have when I could have

-Best is the standard

-If you’ve got hope, that gives you power in the present

-Clemson Family

-Ducks quack and eagles soar

-Be the Example

For more on Dabo:
-For Dabo, “All In” is not just a slogan – it’s a leadership philosophy (LINK)
-It’s how you win that matters (LINK)
-Dabo emphasized more than X’s and O’s to turn around Clemson (LINK)
-How Dabo turned Clemson into a model program by not being Alabama (LINK)
-You don’t know Dabo (LINK)

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