Top Posts of 2016

Listed below are the most popular Pick & Pop posts of 2016:

1. Spread Offense Video Playbook (LINK)
2. Brad Stevens Clinic Notes (LINK)
3. International Basketball Trends – Rio 2016 (LINK)
4. “How Do You Play Pick-Up?” (LINK)
5. Australia X’s & O’s (LINK)
6. Sean Miller “Packline D” Clinic Notes (LINK)
7. Oregon Zone Continuity (LINK)
8. BLOB Plays Versus 2-3 Zone (LINK)
9. Brad Underwood Clinic Notes (LINK)
10. Steve Clifford Coaching U Notes (LINK)

Listed below are my favorite podcasts of 2016:

1. JJ Redick/Stan Vandy Gundy Podcast (LINK)
2. Tom Crean Podcasts (LINK)
3. Tom Thibodeau Podcast (LINK)
4. David Griffin (Cavs GM) Podcast (LINK)
5. Brad Stevens Podcast (LINK)

Listed below are my favorite articles posted on the site in 2016:

1. How Do You Watch Film? (LINK)
2. Notre Dame Basketball’s Cultural Transformation (LINK)
3. Inside NBA Play-Calling (LINK)
4. Kent Bazemore: Undrafted to $70 Million (LINK)
5. Larranaga: Train, Then Trust (LINK)
6. A Tale of Two Draft Picks (LINK)
7. How Huggins Tracks West Virginia’s Press (LINK)
8. Ohio State Football’s Leadership Training (LINK)
9. The Transformation of Kyle Lowry (LINK)
10. John Beilein’s Unique Recruiting Approach (LINK)

My favorite clinic notes posted on the site in 2016:

1. Quin Snyder Coaching U Notes (LINK)
2. Andrea Trincherei Clinic Notes (LINK)
3. Ron Adams Clinic Notes (LINK)
4. Billy Donovan Ball Screen Motion Clinic Notes (LINK)
5. Rick Majerus Triangle & 2 Notes (LINK)

My favorite X’s & O’s posts of 2016:

1. How Golden State Attacks Switches (LINK)
2. My Favorite Sets Attacking 2-3 Zones (LINK)
3. Early Season NBA X’s & O’s Trends (LINK)
4. Celtics SLOB Series (LINK)
5. Jeff Van Gundy Defensive System Edit (LINK)

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