The Art of Footwork

Great article from The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor on the secret voodoo of the NBA’s elite scorers: footwork. Really good job by O’Connor examining the different aspects of footwork in the game today from DeMar Derozan’s midrange wizardry (an ode to Kobe Bryant) to Giannis’ Eurostep to JJ Redick’s shot-prep to how Drew Hanlen (Pure Sweat) teaches a new move.

Hanlen has three steps to teaching a new move: The first involves Hanlen showing how he moves his own feet; the second has the player walk through the move so he understands what to do; and the third is to “make them feel it,” he said. The third is the most complicated step for players to pick up. Hanlen described it like this: “the feeling is understanding how to really sell stuff out, stop and start.”


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