Offensive Rebounding Concepts

A couple of offensive rebounding concepts that have caught my eye…

-Brad Underwood’s Stephen F. Austin teams were terrific offensive rebounding teams (13th, 14th and 51st nationally in OR% despite boasting the smallest starting lineup in their league). Good stuff on “Opposite Inside” and “Flooding the Weakside.”

-Called either “Cambys” or “Wedges,” this is a great option if you play your bigs along the baseline. If a big is weakside, he turns and drives his man underneath the rim and tries to create a wedge/angle to give himself the best chance at a weakside miss.

-Tyson Chandler’s “Tap-Out” offensive rebounds became very popular in 2013 when the Knicks made it to the second round of the Eastern Conference Playoffs. New York Times published a cool article talking about Chandler’s technique (LINK).

-Under Jay Wright, Villanova uses the Tyson Chandler “Tap-Out” technique in free throw situations.

-Something that you might be able to use to steal a basket or two over the course of a season is “Free Throw X” with one of your two players in the lane darting across to screen the opposite bottom opponent. When I was at Maine, Will Brown (Albany) used to kill us with this (LINK)

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