Malone’s Intensity Leads Nuggets

I’m a big fan of Nuggets head coach Michael Malone and what he’s trying to establish with a young roster in Denver. I really liked the article linked below on Malone. Great stuff in here on his relationship with Pop, why he expects to win every game, building connections with your players, and examining your system.

“I try and take a step back and ask, ‘What can we do better?’ I don’t want to be that coach that says, ‘This is how we do it,’ because you’ve seen it, and I’ve seen it — the league changes. If we have to change our pick-and-roll coverage, for example, our transition defense rules, we have to do that. If you have five guys running back to the paint, guess what? You’re giving up 3’s in transition.”


For more on Malone:
-Mike Malone’s defensive system (LINK)
-Malone hard at work in Denver (LINK)

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