How Huggins Tracks His Press

Through the season’s first 8 games, Bob Huggins’ West Virginia team is pressing like crazy turning opponents over at a historic rate. West Virginia’s defensive Turnover % currently sits at 35.1% (second-place is Fordham at 28.9%). The highest turnover rate recorded in the last ten years has been Shaka Smart’s 2013 team at VCU. Linked below is a good article from back in January on how Huggins and his staff track the success of their press both during the game and over the course of the season. Great idea by Huggins on splitting the court into 8 quadrants. See beneath the article for more info on Huggins’ defensive philosophy

“What I want to know is where they’re (the opponent) entering the ball at and where it’s going from there,” Huggins said.

Huggins has his coaching staff note the point of entry pass and the pass after that. The staff tracks this by splitting the court into eight different sections. Horizontally, the court is cut into simply, a left and right side, while vertically, the court is divided by four. Huggins separates the four sections from baseline to foul line, foul line to midcourt, midcourt to the opposite foul line and then the opposite foul line to the opposite baseline.


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