Favorite Coaching Resources II

Listed below are several of my favorite coaching resources that I’ve been using over the last several months. I did a similar post in June, click HERE to view that entry.

-A website I have just found recently that’s awesome and full of great player development videos is Doug Novak’s website (LINK). Novak is the head coach at D3 Bethel University (Minnesota) and his site is a phenomenal resource for coaches at all levels. Another resource I love is the weekly newsletter produced by Brooklyn Kohlheim (email brookkohlheim@gmail.com to get on the list).

-Some podcasts I’ve enjoyed recently: Andy Toole’s appearance on “Shootin’ It With Matt Langel” (a new podcast produced by Colgate head coach Matt Langel that’s had a great first 4 episodes) is a really good listen for young coaches (LINK). Mike Brey speaking with Alan Stein about Notre Dame’s culture and recruiting was great (LINK). The Ringer’s “The NBA Show” had Brad Stevens on just before the season and it’s definitely worth checking out (LINK). One more podcast recommendation: Rick Carlisle’s conversation with Mark Stein on ESPN’s TrueHoop pod had a ton of good coaching insights (LINK).

-Couple of online resources I am really enjoying: Ryan Pannone is a must-follow on Twitter with all the EuroLeague X’s & O’s video he posts. Jon Giesbrecht is another great Twitter account (awesome NBA player development and X’s & O’s breakdowns). Ryan Nguyen has been posting great NBA X’s & O’s videos all year on Twitter. Two YouTube accounts I’ve been getting great stuff from lately are Dave Feinstein’s channel and Evan Orzolek’s account. For a bigger list of my favorite YouTube channels for X’s & O’s, click HERE.

-For Division 1 coaches: two stat sites I’m using a ton are Hoop-Math.com and Open Look Analytics. At $15 for the year, Hoop-Math does a really good job of breaking down box scores and producing informative statistical analysis (How many of your team’s FGs occur at the rim? What are you shooting on 2-point jumpers? What’s your EFG% in the first 10 seconds of the shot clock? What percentage of your team’s shots are coming in the first 10 seconds following a score?). I end up using their stats extensively for opponent scouting reports. No one does lineup analytics better than the guys at Open Look. Operating as a client-based service, the company provides you with an online database breaking down all of your 2-man, 3-man, 4-man and 5-man lineups (average cost: $1,000). I wrote about Open Look’s lineup efficiency work here.

-There are a couple of really cool “all-access” shows that are entertaining and give you good insight into successful programs: HBO’s Gonzaga: The March to Madness (following Mark Few’s 2014-15 NCAA Tournament team), Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing: A season with the Arizona Cardinals (good stuff on Arians and his coaching staff), and Showtime’s A Season With (Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame program was featured in 2015 with Jimbo Fisher & Florida State tabbed for 2016).

-Two non-basketball resources I’ve enjoyed lately are Farnam Street Blog (check twice a week) and Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History podcast (LINK). Farnam is the source of most of the non-sports articles I post on here and Gladwell’s podcast was 10 episodes examining historical events in a different light (to give the series a try, listen to Episode 6: My Little Hundred Million).

-A couple of books that I’ve read lately that I really enjoyed: One Last Strike by Tony La Russa (LINK), Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise by Anders Ericsson (LINK), and The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine (LINK).

-Some books I am looking forward to reading in the coming weeks/months: Furious George: My 40 Years Surviving in the NBA by George Karl (LINK), The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball (LINK), Chuck Noll: His Life Work by Michael MacCambridge (LINK), and

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