December Coaching Nuggets

-Rick Majerus: You win transition on the first three steps. Take the first three steps without any concern for vision.
-Mike Rhodes: When a player walks into the office, everything stops; the player is the main focus.
-Steve Kerr: Pressure defense requires great fundamentals. Go back to our playoff series against OKC and Cleveland, turnovers killed us. Fundamentals…passing, catching, pivoting.
-Tom Crean: make the play on one less dribble. Chart how many times per game you could have made the play on one less dribble.
-Jon Gruden: It’s not what you know, it’s not what you want to run. It’s what your players know and what they can run.
-Jeff Neubauer (Fordham): On post feeds, I like to get the other 4 guys on the other side of the tape-line in order to give the post player the most space we can give him.
-Phil Gaetano (Maine Red Claws): on hand positioning in “Drop” P&R coverage: we teach guards hands high to prevent skips/lobs, but bigs hands low to take away the pocket/seam pass.
-Don Meyer: shot pressures and block-outs are two things that can make up for a lot of mistakes that occurred previously in a defensive pressure. Do these two every time and you can make a lot of mistakes.
-Mike Budenholzer: The low guy on the weakside on any pick & roll coverage is called the “MIG” (acronym for “Most Important Guy”). He is in charge of the rim. The screener’s defender calling out the pick & roll coverage should be followed immediately by a player declaring himself as the “MIG”.
-Chip Engelland: If you need to dip for rhythm, that’s ok. You shouldn’t rush 3-pointers. If you needed to rush it, that just tells you that you should have driven it or passed it.

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