“What Is My Role In This League?”

This 2012 article by Nick Collison is one of my favorites to pass along to players. Collison’s article is entitled “How To Survive in the NBA When You’re Not a Superstar” and he highlights the way he’s managed to stick in the NBA for (now) 12 seasons despite never averaging double figures. Some points I loved from Collison: the question every player needs to ask himself, what determines if a player sticks around or not, sacrifice for the greater good of the team, dealing with not getting credit, and finding value any way you can.

A lot of guys can’t or won’t do these things because they don’t see the value in it. Some people look at it as sacrificing your own game for the greater good. This is true to an extent, but you don’t just play this way because you are a nice guy and you are willing to let other guys shine. You do it because you want to win, to be a part of a championship team, and you do it because you want to create value for yourself.


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