Towson Football’s Leadership Development

NCAA Football: Towson at Connecticut
I’m a big fan of Towson Football after reading this piece from a couple of months back about the leadership system Tigers head coach Rob Ambrose put in place. There are some terrific thoughts from Ambrose in here about leadership, culture, selflessness, “follow-ship” and many more topics. The “Kings/Sentinel Warriors/Soldiers” concept is one I really like. For more on developing leadership in your players, I recommend checking out my notes on Urban Meyer.

“You don’t find leaders in kids today,” Ambrose said. “You don’t find kids that want to lead today. They don’t want to be responsible for other things — things bigger than themselves — and if you did, even if you could find one of those guys, you don’t find kids today that know how to follow someone worth following. So it’s a much bigger problem on a philosophical/social scale, and it gets into your locker room pretty good. Without leaders, you’re kind of lost in life and in the locker room.”


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