The Shot Ray Allen Took A Career To Take

With Ray Allen officially announcing his retirement on Tuesday, I wanted to share a couple of the best Ray Allen articles I’ve come across over the course of his career along with my two favorite Ray Allen stories (the one above is told by Kevin Eastman while the other is from Erik Spoelstra). The excerpt below is from my favorite Ray Allen piece (“The Shot Ray Allen Took a Career to Take”) because of way it examines the maniacal routine that went into making Ray Allen the greatest 3-point shooter ever.

This is how he frames the shot, too. As the shot. Lower-case. Nothing to suggest the shot, outside of The Moment, which he does talk about in capital letters, was any different from one he practiced daily, polished over decades, made and missed and analyzed and simply took, what, tens of thousands of times?

“Probably hundreds of thousands,” Allen says.

He stops, thinking. Allen is a notorious thinker. When first asked after Game 6 if the shot was the biggest of his career, he refused to confirm it was. It tied the game, saved the season, let the Heat win in overtime. But he’s made 2,857 three-point shots, an NBA record.

He needed a moment to think on it, just as he does here.

“I’d say I’ve taken that shot several hundreds of thousands of times,” he finally says.

-The Shot Ray Allen Took a Career to Take (LINK)
-Letter to My Younger Self (LINK)
-Spoelstra: No One Like Ray (LINK)
-Routine Excellence is Allen’s Secret (LINK)


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