The Power of Lineup Analytics

An emerging trend in analytics is the use of lineup efficiencies. No one does lineup analytics better than Open Look (TWITTER). Player plus/minus has long been utilized by coaches, but lineup analytics brings this kind of evaluation to a new level by examining the stats that go into a player achieving a positive or negative rating while he is on the court. More importantly, lineup analytics give you the ability to look at how the team performs when a player is paired with another player (or even another 2, 3, 4 players). When examining the NBA’s use of analytics, many focus on the SportsVU data, but in reality the analytics that NBA teams deal with the most on a day-to-day basis are lineup analytics.

What lineup analytics can help you determine:

-What is your best 5-man unit?

-What is your best perimeter trio?

-Who is your best starter to pair with your bunch unit?

-What 4/5 combination rebounds the best?

Open Look Analytics is a client-based statistical service specializing in lineup efficiencies. I have subscribed to Open Look at each of my stops and it’s been incredibly useful and something I would recommend to any college coaching staff (men’s or women’s). Open Look is now offering a free 3-game trial for teams with an option to stay on for the remainder of the year as a subscriber. Contact John Olita at or 631-897-7362

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