The NBA’s Shot Doctors

Linked below is a terrific article that appeared on Bill Simmons’ “The Ringer” website last week. Kevin O’Connor writes of the different (and evolving) approaches NBA teams take to improve shooting. Great stuff in here on shooting coaches, the importance of the mental aspect of a player’s shot, biomechanics, and the role of shooting interaction within the coaching industry. Below is a quote I pulled from the article (said by Philadelphia 76ers shooting coach John Townsend) that I thought was succinct and gets at one of my favorite questions to ask other coaches. Shooting is clearly an ultra-complex mechanism – no two people do it the same. That being said, how do you, as a head coach, approach shooting instruction on a team-wide (or program-wide) basis? It’s not a very easy question and, like Townsend points out, many coaches don’t have a very clear answer.

“In the past I’ve asked coaches and players how they plan to improve a player’s jump shot, and the response is ‘more reps,’” Townsend says. “Maybe they just don’t want to go into detail, but oftentimes that is what teams really think is necessary. But that mind-set discounts the necessary mechanical changes a player may need to undergo.”


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