The NBA’s Defensive Revolution

Linked below is an terrific analytics-based article entitled “The Defensive 3-Point Revolution” by Steve Shea and Chris Baker for their site Basketball Analytics. Shea is a math professor at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire and Baker is a software developer focused on developing analytics from spatial-tracking driven data in the NBA and the NHL. Along with the site, Shea and Baker have written two books on basketball analytics which I’ve linked below (both are good, but incredibly dense). The piece linked below explores the way NBA defenses are changing in reaction to the rise of the 3-point shot at that level. The authors argue that a defensive revolution has been initiated to counter the spacing/shooting revolution on on the other (offensive) side of the ball. I’ve taken the liberty to attach a PDF of my notes on the article to serve as a sort of “crib notes” version of Shea and Baker’s article. This is to take nothing away from Shea and Baker’s work which is remarkable, but simply to serve as a resource by presenting the data in a more digestible and coach-friendly manner.


Shea and Baker’s books:
-Basketball Analytics: Objective and Efficient Strategies for Understanding how Teams Win (LINK)
-Basketball Analytics: Spatial Tracking (LINK)

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