Donahue’s Offensive Attack (Repost)

Really good look at new Penn coach Steve Donahue’s philosophy on offense. Donahue’s offensive tents are heavily influenced by analytics (which he has embraced since his days at Cornell) with an emphasis on layups, free throws and standstill three-pointers. Thanks to Bruce Hamburger (FDU) for passing this along.

“We basically had three rules on offense and three rules on defense, and they are both basically an analytic approach,” Donahue said. “I want to get a layup or a dunk. When I’m attacking the basket, I ask my guys, ‘Are you 95 percent certain that you’re going to make this or get fouled?’ If you’re not, there are mechanisms in place to find my second thing, a standstill, in-rhythm three. The third thing is post up with two feet in the lane, one on one. If you get that, great; if not, it should be kicked. So everything we do evolves from that.”


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