“Fast & Physical” Falcons

Linked below are a series of articles on the culture that head coach Dan Quinn has established with the Falcons as he enters his second training camp in Atlanta. I really like how the personnel moves the Falcons have made in the last 18 months have reflected Quinn’s vision for the team (it reminds me of Belichick saying, “If you want a smart, physical football team, get smart, physical football players”). You will get what you emphasize. More Quinn links are beneath the featured link.

The Falcons don’t just have a vision for the kind of players they want on their team, they’re quantifying these attributes with a grading system. Every player, whether it is a draft prospect, a potential free agent or a current Falcon, receives what they call “C and T” grades, for competitiveness and toughness. The highest competitiveness grade, for example, is a 9, but Quinn says that’s rarely handed out. These grades can help them determine whether or not to acquire a player, but will also be used with current players, to help evaluate their performance in practices or games.
“I think toughness is a talent,” Quinn says. “When you are evaluating players, that better be part of our game. We are going to live that life of toughness. That has to be the mentality and attitude we play with, and if it’s not there, it would be harder to connect with the style we want to play. It’s been very much in the front of my mind.”


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