Clinic Notes – Notre Dame’s “Circle Motion”

Embedded below are two sets of clinic notes looking at the “Circle Motion” run by Mike Brey at Notre Dame. Brey’s “Motion” is interesting in that is really just a series of 2-man or 3-man plays run in succession. In 16 years at Notre Dame, Brey’s offenses have finished top 25 in the country in offensive efficiency 14 times. The first set of notes are from a talk given by current Delaware head coach Martin Ingelsby back when he was an assistant under Brey while the second set of notes are from Brey’s talk at a 2011 clinic.

For more on “Circle Motion”:
-Notre Dame’s 3-out/2-in Motion (LINK)
-Portland’s “Motion” under Terry Stotts (LINK)
-Video of “Circle Rip” play Ingelsby talks about in the notes (LINK)

For more on Brey/Notre Dame:
-How Notre Dame’s culture turned (LINK)
-How Brey built Notre Dame (LINK)
-Notre Dame flare screen set for shooter (LINK)

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