8 Months Later, Maddon’s Talk Sticks

I really liked the article linked below from ESPN.com on the talk Joe Maddon gave to his Chicago Cubs team at the onset of spring training. Maddon is one of my favorite baseball figures to study because of the way he combines old-school methods with new-age ideologies. Highlights of this article include Maddon’s take on pressure (which is very similar to Rick Carlisle’s), what he writes at the top of his lineup card, why he hasn’t spent much time talking about 1908 and the Cubs’ “American Legion Week.”

1. Embrace the target
2. We all have to set aside our personal agendas
3. All do our jobs
4. Know we are not perfect but can be present
5. We are our own little planet
6. We rotate around the same goal

-Do simple better
-The process is fearless


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